The Rockstar Diaries

I am smitten with The Rockstar Diaries. Just over two years ago, Naomi & Josh (a.k.a the most adorable husband and wife duo in the world... sorry Jeremy & Amy) picked up and moved from New York to D.C. To keep their friends and family up-to-date on their new lives, they started a blog. I am pretty sure that I read their blog for upwards of two hours yesterday. I love everything about them. They are a very creative and crafty couple, she has amazing hair and wicked style, she is a Juilliard trained dancer - but best of all they just got an english bulldog named Kingsley!

Lunny and I dream about the day we get our dogs ( a pug and a bulldog). Saying that we are a little obsessed with these dogs would be an understatement. We were gushing over Kingsley all afternoon - the poor guy had pneumonia! Needless to say, this blog will become a daily read (especially now that I am following them on Twitter too). I need to know that their "silly ninja" is okay.


  1. aw, this was so sweet of you. thank you so much for this! kingsley is doing a whole lot better too. i hope you get your little pug AND bulldog soon. puppies make life so much better!


  2. i love their cutey blog! and their presh new pup. they are too fun!

    [ps. how cute is your bloggy? i love it, too!]