How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

1. The Lucite chairs
2. The light fixture
3. The Jonathan Adler vase
4. The apple green back splash
5. The adorably sweet cupcakes (yum!)

I want it all!


Weekend Romance

On Friday, I waited at the airport for my love to arrive back home. With a rainy forecast ahead, I knew our weekend would be spent lounging in each other's arms - enjoying one another's company. It was the most perfect weekend! I could attempt to describe it to you but Chris Craymer's new book "Romance" does it for me.


My next purchase

Once I have an Americano in hand, my weekday morning routine (before I start to work) consists of three things. Reading my Sweetspot emails, checking up on my friends on Facebook, and visiting my favourite blog, MadeByGirl. I absolutely adore her work and love everything she posts! That's the problem - I always want to buy everything. While I have shown great restraint, I might have to cave on this watercolour print by Lauren Nicole Love.


Room by Room

Canadian House and Home recently redesigned their website. I have become a huge fan of their design galleries. It's easy to navigate - you can search by room (living room, kitchen...), by style (modern, country...) or by detail (lighting, paint...). I've been saving all my favourite pics to use as inspiration for my future redecorating projects!

Silver Lining

It's been one of those weeks, but I'm trying to find the silver lining. These pictures from Daydream Lily feel sad and hopeful all at the same time (kinda like how I feel right now).


Cherry Blossom Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl has quickly become one of my go-to blogs. I really love her laid back Parisian style and look forward to checking out her latest outfits. I thought I would share some of my favourites (it was really hard to choose).


One Print Two Print

I made a promise to a friend that just moved that I'd help her find some cool artwork. While I've never needed an excuse to search the internet for some great finds, knowing that my friend's walls are in desperate need of some life has me backtracking through my bookmarks. You know that feeling of finding a great sweater in your closet that you forgot you had?..thats how I felt when I found The Poster List in my archives. I completely forgot all about this fantastic collection of fun, light-hearted graphic prints. Besides being super cute, each print is super cheap! The best part of heading back to the site was discovering their current promotions - choose from; 1)Buy any two prints for $20 or 2) Add a frame to your print for $19.99. I took advantage of option 1 and bought "Vertical Bikes" and "Primary Cameras" for my living room. Sorry Sarah, I know I'm supposed to being looking for you, but I'm a sucker for a cute print (or two).


Young at Heart

"You're never too old to be young" is one of my life's mantras. I'm not saying you should adopt a Peter Pan complex as there is much to be said for the lessons learned during our growing pains and the person we become on the other side - but shouldn't life be fun! Think of your favourite childhood memories. When was the last time you ran through a sprinkler on a hot summer day, made an ice cream concoction with everything in the cupboard or laid on the lawn watching clouds morph into animal shapes. Better yet, when was the last time you had a themed birthday party (I'll bet your 8th was your last). The always young-at- heart, Beckerman girls just threw themselves a Mickie and Minnie 1950's Birthday Bash, complete with costumes, balloons and a photo station! How much fun is that!? By the way, the wonderfully stylish woman with the dog is their mother. Looks like their family lives by my mantra too.


Life in Retro-spect

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