Amber's New Glow

I have enjoyed many a night at Yorkville hotspot Amber. On a warm summer night, the patio is the place to be but I always stirred clear of hanging out inside as it's sub street level interior was a little to dungeon-chic for my comfort. Looks like I wasn't the only one who felt that way! The newly renovated space (the work of House and Homes' Montana Burnett) is bringing a taste of South Beach to our still very cold city. Can't wait to check it out once spring actually makes an appearance in Toronto.

Photos courtesy of TorontoLife
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Mango Studios

Liona and Michael Wedding Album from Mango Studios on Vimeo.

I am so beyond thrilled to be working with Mango Studios for our wedding photos. They are so creative and unique that is gives me goosebumps!

Check out this video of the 'storybooks' they put together for their clients. I had never seen anything quite this this (which is one of the reasons I picked them).

I can't wait to put my storybook together and see what they come up with.



Inspired Style

My theory on fashion and style is that is must be effortless. I love looking and feeling put together without being put together. When shopping, I seek out simple silhouettes with interesting prints and rich textures and always strive for the right balance of flow and structure. While I know exactly what I like, I often feel like I could step it up a notch. That's when I look to these four fierce ladies for a little inspiration.


Etsy Find: Cate Parr

Each one of these stunning watercolour works of art is more beautiful than the next. I want them all.



Window Shopping

Check out this interactive storefront window in France. Too cool, no?

via NotCot