Book Marc It

I was just chatting with a friend the other day about how my favourite part of going back to school as a child was buying to new school supplies. The thrill of fresh notebooks and new pens (with black ink only) was the best! Then I saw Marc Jacobs' new line of school supplies aptly named Book Marc. I wish I was still in school.



Need to See: Music

This new documentary by Andrew Zuckerman looks unbelievable!



Friday's Little Bits

My ode to 'the bun'.
Effortless, chic and always in style.
I could not live without you.


So Pretty it Hurts

A friend sent me the link to Juliette Hogan's site and I just about fell in love with her Winter 2010 collection. It's the perfect mix of casual flirty girl meets structured pageboy. Oh, how I want it all! Might I add that the colour palette is simply delicious. Rich black, navy and chocolate brown lightened up with lavender and pale pink- be still my heart. No wonder the collection is called 'So Pretty it Hurts!'.



Stella goes fishing for ice

We take lots of photos and videos of Stella but this one is by far my favourite. Watch as she fishes for the ice in her water bowl. Once she succeeds in getting one - her quest to keep hold of it is priceless.



Send in the Clowns

I am totally inspired by Toronto-based photographer, Kathleen Finlay's Starfall collection of photos. The whimsical series follows "a clown's journey to relight the stars". Here is a preview of my favourites - but I highly recommend you check the rest out.



Sorry All!

I am so sorry for my lack of posts as of late. Life has been a little insane (but still sweet!). I promise to bring you loads of wonderful little bits next week. Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!



Listen To: Lissie

Some late night celeb-stalking on Perez Hilton led me to the amazing voice that is Lissie!