The Other Madonna

Often intimidated but never duplicated, the original Material Girl will always be in a class of her own, except maybe when its comes to blogging. I just stumbled across The Jewish Madonna, a collection of unbelievably beautiful images from across the universe of blogland.


I love it, but...

If I had the chutzpah to take on a bold wallpaper it would totally be this in-your-face hot pink and metallic gold print from Jill Malek (spotted on Design Sponge yesterday). Problem is I have enough trouble picking out an outfit in the morning, let alone making a decision on how to dress my walls! Actually, I know that I love when I see it - its the action part that gets me stuck. What if it's too much? What if I totally hate it and wasted my money? What if I love it and than have to move and leave it behind? (see what I do to myself - its utterly exhausting). With all the time that hesitation takes up, I could already have a fabulous closet like this of my own.


I am an Esty-aholic

Facebook is fun for e-lurking. Youtube is great for a laugh. Etsy is...bad for my bank account! It started innocently enough; randomly browsing for handmade feather headbands. Slowly, I expanded my search to include vintage rings, flower stud earrings and typography prints. Before I knew it, I needed a daily fix. I couldn't go to bed until I found new items to bookmark for future purchasing. I've heard the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Deep breath} "My name is Sari and I am an Etsy-aholic!"

Here are some recent finds fueling my addiction:

Honeycomb clock from pilotdesign

Keep Calm & Carry On poster from BluLima

Ceramic Owl Jar from FruitFlyPie