Write that down

People seem surprised when I tell them that I am a hardcore pen and paper person. I work in an online world, I love technology and my blackberry is never far from reach. However, when it comes to organizing my myriad of thoughts and to-do lists, I am married to my notebooks. I remember things better when I write them done. Often I'll hear the argument - "but you can write it down in your phone or on your computer, isn't that the same?". No, it's not. There must be some kind of neurotransmission that occurs when I make a hand-written note. I can't explain why, but it just makes them stick (most of the time). You could probably now understand why I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks. I wish I could get my hands on these (especially because they are Moleskine - my ultimate favourite!). They were custom-made by Toronto-based ad agency Juniper Park to give out to their VP's. I would have loved to be on the receiving end of that gift.



Pillow Talk

A friend of mine has been hard at work pursuing her passion for photography. I love to support people's creativity, so I always take the time to check out her latest work when she posts them on Facebook. That's when I noticed this fantastic beauty! What an awesome pillow with an equally awesome quote. It seems as though the pillows in the background have other sayings on them. I wish I could see what they say. I have been trying to reach her to find out where she found the little gems. As soon as I know, I promise to share!

(photo by Jackie Goldman)



Doing Dessert Right

If I'm going to indulge in dessert - I am going to do it right. So the next time we crack out the ice cream, I am going to make these homemade chocolate bowl sundaes from Simply...Gluten Free. They look so cute. Imagine the response you'd get if you placed them in front of your dinner guests!? It would totally pain me to break the bowl but the sheer sugary pleasure would ease my nerves. I'd opt to fill my bowl with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and toasted walnuts. Head over to her blog to get the full instructions and other great gluten-free ideas.



Rule Breaker

Besides my distressed jeans, I am not really one for the ripped and disheveled look. I think it dates back to my childhood. As a kid, I was obsessed with worn-in sweat pants. The more holes and patches the better. There was a point when they were all I wore - even outside the house. When my mother finally had enough, she banned me. I listened to her (like I always do) and the rule stuck with me. But rules were meant to be broken and I freakin' love this shredded SmittenNYC sweater!



Friday's Little Bits

Hello, spring! I am so happy you are finally here.



The Perfect Louboutin Flats

Can we discuss the sheer perfection of these Christian Louboutin ballet flats? The shape is what I have always been looking for in a basic black flat but could never quite find. I love that the toe resembles a real point shoe without being too ballet-y. Je t'aime Monsieur Louboutin - Je t'aime!



To DIY or Not To DIY?

I enjoy a good DIY project. I'll admit, I might love thinking about making them more than I love actually making them. For example, this amazing DIY Wall Decor from Ruche is super cool and totally up my alley - but would I really make it? If I did - where would I put it? The problem with me is that I am a total perfectionist and if my creations don't turn out exactly like it's inspiration, it's going right in the trash. Does anyone else feel the same or am I alone on this?



My Pretty Pink 30th Birthday Party

It's official, I am 30 - and might I say this has been the best birthday I have ever had. I have never felt more loved by my friends and family then I do right this moment. It is a glorious, heart-warming feeling that has made me truly grateful and ridiculously happy.

A month ago I wrote about how excited I was to celebrate my birthday because my talented sister-in-law was throwing me a party. While I knew she would make something special - what I walked into on Saturday night was a whole new realm of amazing. Feast your eyes on the prettiest pink birthday party I have ever seen. Everything was almost too pretty to eat...almost.

I loved every single detail including the buttons with pictures of me as a little girl, sophisticated jello shots (vanilla bean Presecco and Sangria flavoured) served on chinese spoons, personalized popcorn boxes filled with Kettlecorn and the happy birthday message displayed in a vintage typewriter.

To Amy:
Thank you for making this birthday something that I will never ever forget. You are the sister that I always wanted. I am so grateful to have you in my life.