To DIY or Not To DIY?

I enjoy a good DIY project. I'll admit, I might love thinking about making them more than I love actually making them. For example, this amazing DIY Wall Decor from Ruche is super cool and totally up my alley - but would I really make it? If I did - where would I put it? The problem with me is that I am a total perfectionist and if my creations don't turn out exactly like it's inspiration, it's going right in the trash. Does anyone else feel the same or am I alone on this?



  1. It is so cool- I have no idea where I'd do it either!

  2. Love! We have shelves made of books in our home office (with little trinkets on top), but I like how these look like they're floating. Great idea!

  3. Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. I love seeing ideas, but when it gets to be more than I can handle at any given moment, I give up and hope someone else finishes it. I'm less realistic than I know.

    Fabulous idea, though. Books would be fun for a kids room.