Etsy Find: WhichGoose

Take one part romantic and one part whimsy - add touch of bohemian and you'll end up with these beautiful head pieces from WhichGoose. Wouldn't these be perfect for brides looking for something different than a traditional veil or to wear during the reception? I also adore the style of her photos...makes me want to buy one even more!


Retail Therapy

According to Wikipedia - retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. It also states that while many view it with a negative connotation, it can just simply describe the pleasures of the total shopping experience. Thank you to fall/winter 2009, you are giving me some serious retail therapy! Every where I turn, I'm seeing adorably feminine dresses and skirts in a wide array of the sweetest florals and paisleys. Spotting Nadinoo on A Cup of Jo only added fuel to my current obsession! Each one is prettier and more perfect than the next. How does a girl decide?


Friday's Little Bits

All dressed up... but where to go?

image via WeHeartIt

Vintage Suitcase Chairs

I was totally taken aback by these chairs made from vintage suitcases at Recreate. They are wonderfully unique and have the perfect balance of old and new. The purple and brown one would make a great compliment to my new pillows that I oh-so-love!


Hot for Everything All The Time!

I can't get enough of this song by Everything All The Time. Alanna's voice rocks the house. The adorable bassist in the back is my brother!

If you live in Toronto head over to Sonic Boom Records on Dec 2 to see them live and pick a copy of their new EP! You can also catch them Thurs. Dec 3 at the Mod Club with Thunderheist.


Made with Love

Last week a friend was telling me about how she spent the weekend making vintage tea cup candles. They turned out so adorable, I couldn't wait to try and make them myself. But like most DIY ideas I say I am going to do - it never happened. It did, however, inspire me to look for some cute DIY gift ideas. While I probably won't get around to making any of them, I would certainly love to receive any one of these homemade presents.

My Idol

Enjoy! (BTW: Can you spot Nico and Natalie from SYTYCD Canada?!?!)


Circa 1994

1994 sounds like so long ago but it feels like yesterday - doesn't it? Gosh, I remember everything about being 14. My closet was full of baby doll dresses and Doc Martens, Keanu Reeves was plastered all over my room, Boys II Men ruled the radio and Claire Danes took me into her so called life. Ahh, that show was my everything - and then it was gone. Besides playing Juliet to Leo's Romeo (one of my all-time favourite movies), it seemed that Claire was pretty much gone too. Well look at her now! Holy cow, the years have been good to her! Check out this edgy photo shoot for BlackBookmag.com.

(P.S. anyone know where I can buy a pair of legs like that?)

P.S. She Made That!


I can't get enough of P.S. I Made This. Her DIY projects and the inspiration behind them make me wish I was that crafty.


Friday's Little Bits

I seem to have grown an obsession with birdcages!

Images via WeHeartIt