Million Dollar Dessert

My new favourite show on the Food Network is Five Ingredient Fix with Claire Robinson. I like recipes with simple ingredients and easy instructions and that is just want she offers. On Saturday morning, I was watching her make Millionaire's Shortbread. These triple layer squares of heaven sounded so amazing, I had to make them as my contribution to Monday nights breaking of the fast meal. I think my first go at the recipe was a success - mine looked pretty close to hers (minus the professional styling and photographer) and they tasted like a million bucks! Get the recipe here.

Claire's Shortbread

Sari's Shortbread


Friday's Little Bits

Pretty, sweet and ultra feminine - isn't it fun being a girl?!

Had to share this...

My boyfriend just sent me this in an email. I almost died. This pug is so cute, but his eyes look so sad. I want to take him home with me.

Thinking Happy Thoughts

Every one of these prints (via Etsy) put a big smile on my face.

Happy Happy poster by farouche

Deeply Madly in Love poster by MadebyGirl

Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow by Pocket Studio

Bright Sunshiny Day by farouche

Be Creative poster by Reconstructing Ideas


The Coolest Chair Ever!

I am freaking out over this MoCo Loco: Ivy Chair (via NotCot). It is the coolest piece of furniture in the world. Have you ever seen anything like it? I can't imagine that it would be very comfortable - but I don't care, I want it! I must have it.


Pick One: Chain Bags

Ever since I bought my Tory Burch Alize mini bag, I have become obsessed with chain bags. With so many out there to covet, I figured it was the perfect category for our next round of Pick One! #3 is my top choice hands down. Which one do you love?

1. Thomas Wylde- studded clutch
2. Chloe- Elsie lurex shoulder bag
3. Fendi - two-tone baguette bag
4. YSL - small satin bag
5. Marc Jacobs - single pouchette
6. Emilio Pucci - denim shoulder bag

Making Vintage Easy

While I have mastered the art of scoping out great finds at H&M and Forever 21, my ability to vintage shop has proven very unsuccessful. Trying to hunt down a great vintage piece makes me more anxious than excited. I just stumbled on The Urban Collection while visiting Cherry Blossom Girl. This is the kind of vintage shopping that I can learn to love! No overwhelming clutter to sift through - just the goods (at really good prices).

Tatum Slouch Tuxedo Blazer $48
Jovana Dress $64

Nolan Deep V Romper $56

Poppy Florals Mini $22
Bosworth Sweetheart Dress $76

Nolan Bandage Dress $64

(all prices are in $US)


This Week's Little Bits

For some of us, a new year begins tonight. I'll be spending the weekend with family, eating apples and honey and wishing for a sweet year to come!


Colourful Personality

What do the colours in your home say about you? The Colourscope from Paper-Source can tell you. I wanted to test it out for myself, so I picked the two shades that run throughout my condo. I have to say I was shocked by how accurate is was! The interesting part was that both descriptions mention my need for space and creating a refuge that's all my own.
Click here to view a larger version and read your colour personality.


Talent Envy: Kustaa Saksi

Do you ever look at something and think "what on earth was going on in that person's head when they made that?". That is exactly what I thought to myself when I saw the work of Kustaa Saksi. His illustrations are so surreal that my only conclusion would be that he was on some serious drugs or he is the most imaginative person alive (I would like to think its the latter). I could go on about his graphic style but his bio does a much better job than I ever could:

"A syrupy disarray of elements: playful, paradoxical, often-over glossy, inviting, troubling, messy and yet strangely clear. Radiating meaning, bending what's real and distilling what's unreal."


Gap 1969 Record Sleeve

I am going nuts over this packaging idea from the Gap. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, they released limited edition denim and tees in 12 inch record sleeves. Click here for more details.

Serious Sweet Tooth

I have a serious sweet tooth that I have learned to curb over of the years. That said, every now and again I indulge myself with a worthy treat. While my man is convinced that my first choice would always be cupcakes (honestly, I think they look prettier than they taste), the hands-down winner for me is a really big, chunky chocolate chip cookie (preferably from Le Gourmand). If you ever come to Toronto for a visit, I seriously suggest you pick one up - it is worth every calorie-packed bite. The only thing better than getting a good sugar fix is getting one in a place whose charm and decor match the deliciousness of your chosen treat. I definitely need to make of point of visiting these adorable places if I make it to these cities. (I can cross MoRoCo off my list - it's way too close to my office for comfort!)

Ms B's Sweets in Hong Kong (via The Cool Hunter)

Serendipity in Florida (via The Cool Hunter)

Mezzo Art Cafe in Sydney (via: Love.Obsess.Inspire)

MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto (via Biz Bash)

Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco (via MadeByGirl)