Serious Sweet Tooth

I have a serious sweet tooth that I have learned to curb over of the years. That said, every now and again I indulge myself with a worthy treat. While my man is convinced that my first choice would always be cupcakes (honestly, I think they look prettier than they taste), the hands-down winner for me is a really big, chunky chocolate chip cookie (preferably from Le Gourmand). If you ever come to Toronto for a visit, I seriously suggest you pick one up - it is worth every calorie-packed bite. The only thing better than getting a good sugar fix is getting one in a place whose charm and decor match the deliciousness of your chosen treat. I definitely need to make of point of visiting these adorable places if I make it to these cities. (I can cross MoRoCo off my list - it's way too close to my office for comfort!)

Ms B's Sweets in Hong Kong (via The Cool Hunter)

Serendipity in Florida (via The Cool Hunter)

Mezzo Art Cafe in Sydney (via: Love.Obsess.Inspire)

MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto (via Biz Bash)

Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco (via MadeByGirl)


  1. oh wow they all look delightful
    out of all of them i'd love to be in the crown and crumpet right now


  2. That cafe in Sydney is amazing! SO cute.

  3. Ooo I am LOVING Crown & Crumpet's look. That is just plain hot!

  4. Yikes. I wouldn't be able to hold back from gorging myself especially when my surroundings are as cute and whimsical as those fabulous places. I feel like a cupcake right now!


  5. I don't know if I should thank you or not. I've been meaning to go to MoRoCo soon, but then I saw the pictures of the stools, and I have an unexplainable fear of frogs.

    Now I have to either get over it or never go...and I don't think the latter is an option. Good gods...*shudders*

  6. Pebble:
    LOL the frogs are only on the patio. If you go in through the entrance and just visit the chocolat shop or dine inside - you can avoid the frogs. It's worth it, I promise (I highly suggest buying their smores!)

  7. I finally went to MoRoCo and avoided the frogs. Had such a great time and my waiter was great and adorable. Will have to go back more to try all the different things on the menu.