Making Vintage Easy

While I have mastered the art of scoping out great finds at H&M and Forever 21, my ability to vintage shop has proven very unsuccessful. Trying to hunt down a great vintage piece makes me more anxious than excited. I just stumbled on The Urban Collection while visiting Cherry Blossom Girl. This is the kind of vintage shopping that I can learn to love! No overwhelming clutter to sift through - just the goods (at really good prices).

Tatum Slouch Tuxedo Blazer $48
Jovana Dress $64

Nolan Deep V Romper $56

Poppy Florals Mini $22
Bosworth Sweetheart Dress $76

Nolan Bandage Dress $64

(all prices are in $US)


  1. I need to master the art of vintage shopping too! Love the Jovana dress :)

  2. DROOL. The Bosworth dress is amazing, as is all the YSL/Dior jackets and blazers. Amazing find.