The Rockstar Diaries

I am smitten with The Rockstar Diaries. Just over two years ago, Naomi & Josh (a.k.a the most adorable husband and wife duo in the world... sorry Jeremy & Amy) picked up and moved from New York to D.C. To keep their friends and family up-to-date on their new lives, they started a blog. I am pretty sure that I read their blog for upwards of two hours yesterday. I love everything about them. They are a very creative and crafty couple, she has amazing hair and wicked style, she is a Juilliard trained dancer - but best of all they just got an english bulldog named Kingsley!

Lunny and I dream about the day we get our dogs ( a pug and a bulldog). Saying that we are a little obsessed with these dogs would be an understatement. We were gushing over Kingsley all afternoon - the poor guy had pneumonia! Needless to say, this blog will become a daily read (especially now that I am following them on Twitter too). I need to know that their "silly ninja" is okay.

Bits to Admire

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My LOVE project continued...


Little Bits

What it feels like to be a girl.

all images via Bergdorf Blonde Tumblr


Yummy Morsels

They're tiny, sweet and simply adorable. I can't get enough of the vivid hues of these bite-sized treats!

1. SophieG**S 2. {JO} 3. stickeygooeychef 4. bitterlemons 5. 8. SiMpLe RuLeS 6. speedM


A great place to work

I work hard - but it's my mandate to play as many hours as I work. Sometimes those leisurely hours still require a work space. I would love to spend that time in any one of these home offices! They would make any amount of work or play enjoyable. Currently, my boyfriend and I share a desk. When space allows I would love to have an office of my own and I have a few requirements.

Lots of white furniture, interesting shapes and patterns, a fantastic lamp and space for a big inspiration board.


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

via (JC blog)

It's no secret that Jeffrey Campbell knows how to make a sick looking shoe! His boots and wedges can make an otherwise plain outfit something to turn and look at. I have always admired them from a far but never brought myself to buy a pair. This year that will change! I love the Pixie wedge (image #1) and I feel like I could where it with almost anything - but then I think that would be playing it safe! If you're going to go JC - go all out. Oye - what's a girl to do?


My Photographic Debut

The best feedback that I receive about my blog is about how much people adore it's look and feel. Hearing those compliments is incredibly fulfilling and I thank each and every one of you who have expressed their love for Little Bits & Blogs.

Today marks a new chapter for me (and my blog). I will be channeling my imagination and starting to post my own photos. I had a lot of fun with my first project (shocker - the theme is love!). I think they turned out pretty sweet! I would love to hear what you think of them? (be nice please).


Friday's Little Bits

It's all about love, lace and sequins!

sources: WeHeartIt, DayDreamLily, Sabino


The Art of Jordan

I've really been enjoying Jordan Clark's blog The Art of Jordan. I especially love catching up on her Style Sleuth section. Her most recent post breaking down this adorable ensemble had to be shared! If you love it as much as I do, head on over to find out where each of the pieces are from. Holding myself back from buying the whole outfit if proving to be a test of futility.

image via Chictopia


Ultimate Wedding Cake

It's totally outrageous but I can't help but love the concept! Would this be considered the ultimate wedding dress or the ultimate wedding cake? I'd like to see Duff or Buddy make this.


My dream home

Varying shades of whites, creams and grays. Layers of textured fabrics and patterned wall paper. Touches of metallic, lucite and mirrored accessories. Rich brown furniture and small bursts of colour. Is this girl living inside my head? She is definitely living in my dream home! I am jealous of every room in this house from Simply Grove. One day it will be mine.