My Staples

I used to be a self proclaimed product junkie. I always had more make-up and lotions than I ever knew what to do with. Over the last few years, I have learnt to ditch all non-essential products and find great staples that keep me satisfied and feeling good all year round. I have since applied this strategy to my jewellery (I stopped buying for quantity and invested in quality) and to my purse (I stopped carrying around everything but the kitchen sink). The outcome? See for yourself.

1. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream
2. Consonant Organic Spearmint & Sage Lotion
3. Hanae Mori Butterfly Perfume

I like easy, quick make-up that looks like you have nothing on. I also hate naked nails!

1. Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer
2. Pink Beauty Enchant Cream Blush
3. OPI Nail Polish: Lincoln Park After Dark, Miami Beet, Vodka & Caviar
4. CoverGirl Mascara
5. Sisley Kohl Eyeliner

I'm a silver and white gold kind of girl.

1. Michael Kors watch
2. Birks Initial Charm Ring
3. Hero Necklace from Right Hand Gal
4. Links of London Friendship Bracelet

What you'll always find in my bag.

1. Ray Ban Aviators
2. iPod
3. Blackberry
4. A good book
5. Chanel Lip Balm
6. Pink Beauty Sheer Lipstick


  1. I am such a product whore- makeup, hair stuff, lotions, nail polishes, you name it! I need to toss stuff but I never do!

  2. sareye! i will always love you for bringing hanae mori into my life. however, viktor & rolf flowerbomb is my new.

  3. "me" - I feel like you have me wrapped up in a riddle trying to figure out who you are. Racking my brain as to who I introduced Hanae too! SOS.