Little Bits

Welcome to the first addition of Little Bits. Every Friday, I'll share with you my favourite images that inspire, make you laugh, make you cry or are just pretty to look at.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Making room for all my books

Books can ignite imagination, take you to far away places and even teach you a thing or two. Books can also do more than expand your mind, they can play a supporting role to your house's decor. While you can get a feeling for a person by their home, I believe you can actually learn who they are by browsing through their books. As some know, I have a penchant for coffee table books - I have spent the last few years building my collection (both bought and gifted). My bookcases are stuffed with everything from limited edition package design and the world's most popular toys to the history of Cartier and vintage t-shirt art. I wonder what that says about me?

I am quickly running out of shelf space and I have been looking for some creative solutions to my problem. Horizontally stacking books feels fresh and I love how it adds individual personality to each of these rooms.



I've loved it for like ever

You may have seen this print from Village on a number of blogs. I sure have. My love affair with it dates back to its debut on the cover of Domino magazine in Sept. 2006. Over the years, I tried to live without it. I tried to find replacements, tried to pretend like it didn't exist, but like any true love it always finds its way back to me. You're probably asking yourself a very logical question - "why doesn't she just buy it?". It's simple - I don't have a good place to put it in my home. A print this pretty needs to be on display! The minute I move (which is hopefully very soon) I will make sure there is a wall worthy enough to hang it on. I've waited 3 years to buy it, I can hold out another month or two.


Pick One: Cardigans

I'm incredibly fortunate to have a close relationship with my mother. We speak everyday and see each other all the time (it helps that she lives down the street). When I lived at home, we always read magazines together and we had a little game that we used to play. The point of the game was to pick one item that you wanted on every page of the magazine - no runners up allowed. You might think it sounds lame, but I promise its super addictive. These days I find myself playing a similar game when browsing through my favourite online shops but it's not as much fun on my own. So I figured we could play it together. I'll do the hard work and compose 6 items from a particular category. All you have to do is pick one!

I'll start - I pick #6. I look forward to hearing your favourite pick.

Alexander McQueen asymmetric cardigan
See by Chloe chunky cardigan
Phillip Lim embellished wool cardigan
Milly beaded cardigan
Clements Ribeiro cashmere cardigan
Clements Ribeiro embellished cardigan

What a lovely package

My boyfriend and I have a great appreciation for product packaging and branding. Just yesterday, he showed me Lovely Package, a very cool site showcasing the best in package design. With endless amounts of strong graphics and unique packaging ideas picking out my favourites became harder and harder. Here is a taste of the ones that really caught my eye.


Etsy Find: Mooza Designs

I think these acrylic handmade letters made with Japanese paper are super sweet and chic. They would look adorable in a nursery or a little girl's room.


Road Trip Anyone?

We braved the storm and the weekend forecast is looking pretty sweet - just need to make some plans! I'm feeling very inspired by these photos and I'm thinking a road trip might be nice!

Weekend Links:

These might come in handy on the road
Eco friendly, reusable cups for all those coffee refills
Strum on the run or in the car with this pocket sized Hero
Carry it all in this

(source: Frank Herholdt)


Can't get enough of Mr. Adler

If I had an empty space and an unlimited budget, I would do everything in my power to hire Jonathan Adler to personally decorate it. I have never seen an interior of his that didn't make me swoon. I just can't get enough of his style. These two rooms from a Palm Beach residence are by far my favourite - clean white spaces injected with quirky furniture, bright pops of colour and his signature pottery (a girl can dream...).

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I have a crush on the tights in these photos (thanks to LittleLostLove). I wish I could pull them off. Doesn't the model remind you of Jessica from True Blood?


Through The Looking Glass

The buzz has already started for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. My excitement has me jumping (anything with Johnny Depp does that) on the band wagon. Peer through the looking glass with these Alice inspired images.

(source: we heart it)


This is for Sarah

source via print & pattern


Cover Love

I have a secret, I'm judgmental . I can't help but be drawn to a book with a beautifully illustrated cover. Check out some of the best of the best at The Book Cover Archive - an entire site dedicated to the appreciation of excellence in book cover design.


Love Notes

So I have become completely obsessed with Cardboard Love! Some people may find them cheesy. I think they are adorably romantic and I can't get enough of them.