Making room for all my books

Books can ignite imagination, take you to far away places and even teach you a thing or two. Books can also do more than expand your mind, they can play a supporting role to your house's decor. While you can get a feeling for a person by their home, I believe you can actually learn who they are by browsing through their books. As some know, I have a penchant for coffee table books - I have spent the last few years building my collection (both bought and gifted). My bookcases are stuffed with everything from limited edition package design and the world's most popular toys to the history of Cartier and vintage t-shirt art. I wonder what that says about me?

I am quickly running out of shelf space and I have been looking for some creative solutions to my problem. Horizontally stacking books feels fresh and I love how it adds individual personality to each of these rooms.

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  1. I'm liking this idea! I have sooo many books...I actually won a contest for the most books! And guess what the prize was? More books!!! I have been looking for some neat decoration ideas and I will be using this one!