Since I'm perfectly prepared for my long travel ahead - it's time to get prepared for relaxing on the beach and soaking up much sun as humanly possible (with sunscreen of course!).  I'm think I only need 4 key pieces to bask in the glory of Thailand. These should do.

3. Eugenia Kim sunhat
4. Tkees flip flops in Sunkissed


Sweet Feet

The lovely Miss Spade never ceases to bring a giddy smile to my face. Everything she does just oozes joy! Aren't these ballet flats as sweet as candy? Or should I say as sweet as macaroons.

1. Kate Spade Julianna Flat, 2. Kate Spade Julianna Flat, 3. Kate Spade Tabby Flat



With our honeymoon just days away, it's time for me to have a panic attack get organized and start getting my stuff together. While packing correctly for a beach vacation will be crucial... properly packing my carry-on for 20 hours of flying will be essential for my travel survival (and my husband's sanity).

1. Mulberry Travel Adapter Case - This case would fit perfectly into any carry one to house all essential cords to keep me things powered for the long trip ahead.
2. Then Again, Diane Keaton's Biography - While I love my iPad for just about everything, I am little old school when it comes to reading books.
3. Are We There Yet Luggage Tag - So I am not the only one saying it...
4. Jimmy Choo Glitter Ipad Sleeve - Do I need a reason? It's covered in glitter!
5. C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm - I normally get off a plane with my lips looking like they just spend eternity in the Sahara desert. I'll keep this on me for constant reapplication.
6. Thierry Lasry Hooky-D Sunglasses - Cause let's be honest after 20 hour of flying and 3 changeovers - I will not be looking my freshest!
8. Uber Larabar - You couldn't pay me to eat plane food. I always pack Lara bars, trial mix and dry cereal for snack on.
9. Lavin Illustrated Playing Cards - When my iPad dies from too many hours of Scrabble - I'll have this pretty pack o' cards as back-up entertainment.


Drinking The Apple kool-aid

Conceptually speaking, the theory of raspberries in dessert - I get.  In actuality, I really can't get into it.  I think I once had an incident involving some kind or chocolate-raspberry something or other. It was bad so I locked it far far away in a brain-file called "don't eat me again". But I digress - what I do like, what I do love, okay what I'm currently head over heels, smack me in the face, I want to marry it, love right now, is the Auzzie baking blog Raspberri Cupcakes! Have you seen? If not... SHAME ON YOU!  Go now  - clicky, clicky -  BUT don't forget to come back, I'll miss you too much.  So besides being a talented baker and quite the photog - this sweet enchantress might be the most brilliant human being to ever live (sorry Einstein).  What, you ask, could possibly trump modern physics?  Oh, I'll tell you what.  How about the successful breeding of caramel corn and candy apples into this insane species of treats so aptly called Salted Caramel Popcorn Apples! Yeah, that will do it. Now you're drinking the kool-aid.



I can hardly contain my excitement. The countdown to Thailand is SO on.  We officially leave next Friday. Every flight is book.  Every hotel confirmed.  Every Bhat converted (well almost). While I can't wait to dine 50 stories above Bangkok (Hangover 2 styles) and channel Leo at the beach - the thing I am looking forward to most is completely vegging out at the Sareereya Villa Resort & Spa in Koh Samui. Check it beauty out!!! Looks like paradise, right? Ahhhhh I CAN'T WAIT!



Maxi-mized beach vacation

Two weeks today!  Two week today!  What, you ask, takes place in two weeks today?  My honeymoon - that is!  Can you tell I'm a little excited? The hubbie and I are off to Thailand in search of hot sun, warm beaches and all the green curry we can eat.  Ahhhhhh paradise! It's so close I can taste it (the ocean breeze, not the green curry).  The only bad news - I'm an anxious packer (AND an anxious dresser).  I need options - but I promised Lunny, I would pack light.  I will let you know how that goes - I promise to post an update on that sure fire panic attack.  Until then, I will dream about these stunning printed maxis and their awesome wedged counterparts.  To me they all scream Thailand (but would leave my feet screaming "F-You Thailand" after I'm forced to walk a million miles as punishment for being silly enough to bring anything in that heel height along for the ride).

TIBI leopard print dress
$1,031 - my-wardrobe.com

Martin Grant evening gown dress
£448 - theoutnet.com

Milly ruched dress
$285 - my-wardrobe.com

Haute Hippie zig zag dress
$375 - net-a-porter.com

Milly long day dress
$238 - my-wardrobe.com

TopShop platform wedge heels
£50 - topshop.com

Lanvin wedge shoes
$1,150 - net-a-porter.com

Lanvin wedge heel sandals
£584 - farfetch.com

Chloé platform shoes
£474 - farfetch.com

Balenciaga leather shoes
£519 - farfetch.com

Miu Miu high heel shoes
$990 - barneys.com