Okay, so let's discuss how totally and utterly smitten I am with this ring from Etsy. Sure it's kinda wrong, but also kinda right, right? It's one of those things that so many people would shake their head at (especially our mothers) but do we care? Not really! I say, we should wear it proudly.  Wear it with purpose - ready and charged, waiting to flip the bird at a moments notice.

Are you with me on this or am I out on a limb by myself? And hey, if I am... F*ck it!



If it's happening in my life, it will end up on Instagram. My obsession continues.

My new Essie polish print from Laura Trevey.

Animal prints of all kinds make me happy!

4 weeks in and still loving my new bangs (and my Rosena Sammi bangles from Shopbop).

Chocolate Clodhopper cake made for Lunny's 30th birthday party.

Sick rock tees scored for $5 each at the Urban Outfitters Victoria Day sale!

Adorable pug bookends found at the new Homesense on Spadina.

Coffee, sunshine and blue nails.

Forget Baywatch, it's all about Pugwatch!

Joe Fresh stripes.


Very French Gangsta

I just came across this bad-ass line of kid's eyewear called Very French Gangsters (freakin' killer name right?).  There are some pretty wicked frames in there collection, check 'em out.


Metallics Made for Walking

Take one part strappy sandal and two parts ultra shiny, it shines oh-so-bright that I can't look away metallic and you've got me hook, line and sinker. I'll take two of each please.

1. Kors Michael Kors Wedge, 2. Sam Edelman Yelena Sandal, 3. Belle by Sigerson Morrison Rosegold Sandal, 4. Chloe Metallic Slingbacks