Friday's Little Bits

Been in need of a little extra love and support lately.
Thanks for always showing it to me.
I love you more than the sun, the moon and the stars.


Stop Motion Video: The PEN Story

This stop motion video is truly unbelievable. To produce the it, they shot over 60,000 photos, developed 6,800 prints and shot actually shot 1,800. Can you imagine the patience it must take to get this right?



Dapper Doggy

If I thought I was obsessed with dogs before we got Stella - I didn't know what was coming! It's like my senses have become heightened by all things furry and four-legged. Though I still gravitate towards pugs (I'm biased of course), any bred with a flat, smooched face will do! Enter this adorable vintage-style portrait of Hugo, the Boston Terrier, from DeLaBelle's Etsy shop. Sure he is not as cute as Stella... but come on now, who is?



In the Kitchen

Right now, I am totally in love with the Sprouted Kitchen food blog. Not only is the photography exceptional but all the recipes are inspired by healthy, whole foods jam-packed with flavour (my fav!). Case in point - these Savory Roasted Almonds. Just looking at these images are making my taste buds jump for joy. I can almost taste them...but it will have to wait until I make them on the weekend. Get the full recipe and instructions here.




Hello Adorable!

Okay, so these might be the most charming light fixtures that I have ever seen!



Girl Crush: Lea Michele

There are no words to adequately describe how happy I am to have Glee back! Last night's show did not disappoint (I loved hearing the Hello duet - it's mine and Lunny's song). I thought I would honour its return with a little tribute to fabulous Lea Michele. Damn - that girl can sing! She also seems to have mastered the red carpet with some pretty sweet style.



Pile Them On

I seem to have grown a penchant for bracelets. Braided leather, woven fabric, studded, charmed or beaded - you name it, I"ll wear it. Better yet, pile them all on together! I love the effect you can get by layering different textures and colours. I also think that mixing and matching casual pieces with something that sparkles creates the perfect wear anywhere, anytime look. While I have my staples, there are few great (and super cheap) finds at Revolve Clothing that I have my eye on to add to my growing collection.



Love this...

Smokey eyes, a messy braid, a floral print - I adore this image that I just show at Little Plastic Horses!



Sleepy Stella

I can't believe that I have only blogged about Stella once since we got her! All of our energy has been going towards making sure she is adjusted and happy, so I really haven't had the time to upload the pictures we have taken off our camera. Now I can finally share them with you.

I must say, she is definitely her mother's daughter - she can fall asleep anywhere! My favourite is when she falls asleep next to her water bowl (she actually fell asleep in it once). This weekend, we got her a little puppy bed so that she could sleep in it during the day. She seems to love it but often still opts for sleeping on the hardwood floor. What a funny girl!



Friday's Little Bits

There is nothing better than waking up on a Friday morning and knowing it is a long weekend! It is going to be 24 degrees in Toronto today, so I can't wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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