Happy Birthday Stella

Happy Birthday to our lil' pug princess.
The joy and laughter you have brought us is priceless!

It feels like yesterday that I met you for the first time.

Then we brought you home.

You cuddled your way into our hearts.

And made us fall in love with you


Doggy Holiday

The best thing about being off for the holidays is getting to spend loads of time with Stella, who by the way turns 1 tomorrow. We've snuggled til noon, gone for a ton of great walks and she's made us laugh so hard we cried.


Joyous Feet

I'll admit, I've braved many a Canadian winter with less than adequate boots. Being that this is my first winter with a puppy, I figured I better get prepared for long walks in sub zero temperatures. I am very excited about my new sorels and can't wait to start jumping through the snow with my lil' lion.


White Wedding

My apologies for the delay is posting these pictures. At last, I present to you White Toronto - the prettiest, most wonderful wedding dress boutique in Toronto.

My appointment was beyond perfection and each dress was more beautiful then the next. Monique L'huillier, Reem Acra, Oscar de la Renta and Leila Rose - I got to try them all and had a blast twirling in each one. So I'm sure you're wondering if I said yes to the dress.... I sure did! But I am sorry my dear friends you are going to have to wait until September to find what dress brought forth a floodgate of tears.

Home Sweet Homesense

When you have the patience (and the luck), Homesense is the most wonderful home decor treasure in the city. Lunny and I headed there today to see what we could find and I'll say we did pretty darn well.

A new bed for Stella, so she has a place of her own in our bedroom ($19). I love how it fully matches her colouring.

A set of beautiful zebra photos for above the television unit ($79 each). We've had a huge thing for them ever since getting up close and personal with them in Johannesburg.

A large mixed media art piece for the office ($49). Though Lunny is South Africa, he will always be British at heart.

A turquoise ceramic elephant ($14).

And the coolest find of all, a vintage New York taxi cab that we just had to have! ($29).


Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak of my visit to White Toronto - the most beautiful and awesome wedding dress shop in the city. Full post to come.


Good Lookin' Grub

This post is showing up a little delayed - but better late than never. A few weeks ago, Lunny and I gathered with some friends and family for a little toast (our L'chaim) in celebration of our engagement. What would a celebration be without good food? I made sure to document the best of the best for you.

- Cupcakes and Cookies by The Dutchess of Dough (thanks Jenna!)
- Carrot Cake made by Elenor Sacks (cuisine guru)
- Mini Cheesecakes made by Aylene Balinsky (baking genius)



Velvet Bean Coffee Sacks

I just spotted these pillows over at EatDrinkChic and I had to share them. Each pillow is made from recycled burlap coffee sacks. #3 is my favourite by far. Don't you think they would look super cool in a backyard patio?



What a Mench!

I love frozen yogurt - I mean I really love frozen yogurt. It is my favourite treat of all time. I also feel very strongly that it should not be limited to hot summer days. I will eat it in -30 degree weather (yes, it does get that cold in Toronto). So you can imagine how excited I was to try Menchies - the latest fro yo chain to open in my fair city. It was delish! I highly recommend that you taste it for yourself. I will say, if you are a fanatic such as myself - show some restraint. Self serve is dangerous for our breed (especially with 10 flavours at a time to choice from and a wall full of unlimited toppings).

My final flavour decision: A mix of pistachio, original tart and cake batter topped with chocolate mint flakes and carob chips.



Friday's Little Bits

Winter Woofstock

Every summer, Toronto has a wonderful dog festival called Woofstock. This weekend, they are running their first ever Winter Woofstock and I am uber excited to see what amazing products I can find for my little lion.

This morning, Stella and her friends Lenny and Mabel woke up at the crack of dawn to make their TV debut on Breakfast Television to help promote the event. The kiddies were decked out in the cutest holiday outfits and I must admit - I went a little snap happy (especially since I just got the iPhone 4 and the Hipstamatic app takes the coolest photos ever!).