What a Mench!

I love frozen yogurt - I mean I really love frozen yogurt. It is my favourite treat of all time. I also feel very strongly that it should not be limited to hot summer days. I will eat it in -30 degree weather (yes, it does get that cold in Toronto). So you can imagine how excited I was to try Menchies - the latest fro yo chain to open in my fair city. It was delish! I highly recommend that you taste it for yourself. I will say, if you are a fanatic such as myself - show some restraint. Self serve is dangerous for our breed (especially with 10 flavours at a time to choice from and a wall full of unlimited toppings).

My final flavour decision: A mix of pistachio, original tart and cake batter topped with chocolate mint flakes and carob chips.



  1. Pinkberry just came to Colorado a few months ago and now im hooked too!!! Nice choice on the flavors :) Bet it was delicious


    <3 SUMMER

  2. Ahhhh that looks SO GOOD!! I still owe you frozen yogurt from finding my inspiration. Don't think I forgot ;)