Surprise #1

Some of you have asked to hear the proposal story - so it is my pleasure to share it with you. My fiance truly out did himself and really had me guessing with 3 wonderful surprises over 48 hours.

Our 16 day trip consisted of 5 days in London, 2 days in Amsterdam, 1 day in Belgium, 2 days in Paris and back to London for 4 more days. In Amsterdam, I thought we were staying in the NH Barbizon. Upon arriving, our cab turned onto a street that did not appear to have a hotel on it. This was my first surprise! Lunny had arranged for us to stay at The Dylan Hotel - an exclusive luxury getaway in the heart of the city. My heart raced the moment I walked through the doors. This was the most beautiful, charming and precious hotel I have ever stayed in and the service was beyond compare. My pictures didn't do it justice but this video gives you an idea of how magical it was.



  1. looks so amazing!
    your a lucky girl.
    Cant wait to find out about the other surprises

  2. how sweet! congratulations, exciting times ahead :)