Good Lookin' Grub

This post is showing up a little delayed - but better late than never. A few weeks ago, Lunny and I gathered with some friends and family for a little toast (our L'chaim) in celebration of our engagement. What would a celebration be without good food? I made sure to document the best of the best for you.

- Cupcakes and Cookies by The Dutchess of Dough (thanks Jenna!)
- Carrot Cake made by Elenor Sacks (cuisine guru)
- Mini Cheesecakes made by Aylene Balinsky (baking genius)



Velvet Bean Coffee Sacks

I just spotted these pillows over at EatDrinkChic and I had to share them. Each pillow is made from recycled burlap coffee sacks. #3 is my favourite by far. Don't you think they would look super cool in a backyard patio?



What a Mench!

I love frozen yogurt - I mean I really love frozen yogurt. It is my favourite treat of all time. I also feel very strongly that it should not be limited to hot summer days. I will eat it in -30 degree weather (yes, it does get that cold in Toronto). So you can imagine how excited I was to try Menchies - the latest fro yo chain to open in my fair city. It was delish! I highly recommend that you taste it for yourself. I will say, if you are a fanatic such as myself - show some restraint. Self serve is dangerous for our breed (especially with 10 flavours at a time to choice from and a wall full of unlimited toppings).

My final flavour decision: A mix of pistachio, original tart and cake batter topped with chocolate mint flakes and carob chips.



Friday's Little Bits

Winter Woofstock

Every summer, Toronto has a wonderful dog festival called Woofstock. This weekend, they are running their first ever Winter Woofstock and I am uber excited to see what amazing products I can find for my little lion.

This morning, Stella and her friends Lenny and Mabel woke up at the crack of dawn to make their TV debut on Breakfast Television to help promote the event. The kiddies were decked out in the cutest holiday outfits and I must admit - I went a little snap happy (especially since I just got the iPhone 4 and the Hipstamatic app takes the coolest photos ever!).



Photo Crush

*I can't remember when or where I found this photo (so I apologize for not crediting the photographer).



Surprise #3

Still on cloud nine from Cirque du Soliel, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and head out for something to eat (Holland fries, I hoped!). As I opened the door to our room a candlelit glow broke through the doorway and my eyes started to water at the sight of red rose petals across the floor and bed. Lunny proceeded to ask me to marry him and I proceeded burst into tears (typical me).


Surprise #2

You've been waiting patiently for it - so here is surprise #2. Might I say, surprise #2 was thought out well and I believe designed to throw me off the scent of a proposal. Once we settled into our beautiful Zen room at The Dylan and spent a full day and night exploring the city - Lunny told me there was another surprise the following night. I had no idea what it was and all I could get out of him was that "it was something I had always wanted but it was not a ring".

That night we got in cab headed to a destination unknown. When we arrived, I still had no idea where we were until I turned by head and caught a glimpse of a Cirque du Soleil tent. He was right - it was something I had always wanted - I was like a kid at Disneyland!
Check out the trailer for Totem - it's insanity personified.



Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Can we discuss how adorable these bride and groom cake pops are? I kind of love them... a lot!



Surprise #1

Some of you have asked to hear the proposal story - so it is my pleasure to share it with you. My fiance truly out did himself and really had me guessing with 3 wonderful surprises over 48 hours.

Our 16 day trip consisted of 5 days in London, 2 days in Amsterdam, 1 day in Belgium, 2 days in Paris and back to London for 4 more days. In Amsterdam, I thought we were staying in the NH Barbizon. Upon arriving, our cab turned onto a street that did not appear to have a hotel on it. This was my first surprise! Lunny had arranged for us to stay at The Dylan Hotel - an exclusive luxury getaway in the heart of the city. My heart raced the moment I walked through the doors. This was the most beautiful, charming and precious hotel I have ever stayed in and the service was beyond compare. My pictures didn't do it justice but this video gives you an idea of how magical it was.



I'm back and getting married!

I know I have been away for a while. At first, my only excuse was work - but now I have a really good excuse. I got engaged in Europe! Needless to say, I am cloud nine and can't wait to blog about all the amazing wedding finds I come across in the process.