Talent Crush

I have a total talent crush on photographer, Mariah Kordzadze. The tone and feeling of this collection of images makes me smile and reminds me of being a teenager (cotton candy makes me very nostalgic). Head over to her flickr page to see more her photo collections.


Pink Toilet Paper

My Bubbie always had peach coloured toilet paper to match the rest of her bathroom. To this day, dyed toilet paper freaks me out! I do, however, love how it was used by Cashmere Tissue to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. Check out these amazing creations by top Canadian designers. Read more here.

Image via Ecouterre

A view of next year

While I embrace technology, I have to admit that I am a pen and paper girl at heart. I can't live without my blackberry but I can't stand using the calendar on it and there is no year-view. These 2010 pocket calendars from Sub-Studio Design Store will be finding their way into my purse in the new year. At only $4 bucks a pop, I may just have to pick up a few to keep in other handy places.


I heart it!

If you've been following me - by now you would know that; a) I have an undying love for "love" art of all kinds and b) MadebyGirl is hands down my favourite blog. Last night, I was catching up on her recent posts and I fell head over heels for these romantic homemade heart frames by Sarah and Bendrix. I am leaning towards getting the "Ready for Love" one - the use of newspaper is really charming. What do you think?


New Site Find: DecorPad

Bookmarking sites have made my life a lot easier. I love that I can keep all my finds in one place (I especially adore WeHeartIt- its full of amazing photos and images). The added bonus: they introduce me to new things! Which is exactly how I landed on DecorPad - a bookmarking site dedicated to decorating, renovating and home building. It has the most unbelievable pictures of every room in the house to satisfy any design style. Plus, they have a useful Look 4 Less section filled with their own (an user generated) designer steals.

Cupcake Wardrobe

These stunning laser-cut cupcake wrappers from Shop Modi are giving me a strong urge to bake (not like I need an excuse). The ivy vine and filigree ones are particularly darling, don't you think?