New Furniture For My New Place

We are moving in two weeks, so I spent the weekend running around the city picking up boxes and purchasing new furniture. While Ikea is always good for a cheap solution, it's quality makes me rethink how I want to spend my money. I really wanted to find some stylish pieces that bridged the gap between Ikea and the Art Shoppe. I had never been into Structube before and I was pleasantly surprised by both the price and the selection. I walked out with a new glossy black bed and the waterfall coffee table I had wanted from another (more expensive) store. Reluctantly, I had to leave behind the green apple sculpture on this trip. I'm thinking it would make for a perfect Hanukkah present!


  1. check out Visitor Parking http://www.visitorparking.ca/ for bigger pieces... and for smaller home accessories go to La Merceria!!!!!!! http://lamerceriatoronto.blogspot.com/ it is SUPER cute -- a tiny cafe in the front so you can eat something yummy before browsing through gorgeous home accessories and a mock bedroom in the back.

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