A Month for Me

I am so grateful for the life that I have. I can say with full conviction that I am the happiest right now that I have ever been in my life -much of it to do with Lunny and Stella of course. However, with my strong nature as a giver and a people pleaser (which don't get be wrong - I love about myself), I feel like in the last few months I haven't been attending to my needs as much. A deficit which has left me feeling more anxious than normal. Therefore, I have made a pact with myself to spend the next 30 days taking care of 'Me' just a little bit more. My first course of action is to create a fresh start with a 3-day cleanse. I am a hugh advocate of detoxifying my system and generally do one annually. I have never done a juice cleanse before so I am little nervous but feel like the will power required to complete the 3 days will empower the journey I am about to take. It's time for me to slow down, take a deep breathe and try for the first time in my life to live in the now instead of worrying about what happened yesterday and what might happened tomorrow.

I'm ready to see what happens, I hope you are too!


Friday's Little Bits

Here's looking at you!


Want it: Knotted Leather Rings

I am notoriously forgetful. I make multiple lists and heavily rely on post-it notes. Frankly, I do everything except tie a knot on my finger, though I have never really understood that anyways. It's not like it tells you what you need to remember - just that you need to remember something. What I would do is wear one of these charming knotted or braided leather rings from By Boe. Sure, they may do nothing for my memory but at least my fingers will look cute.



Make It: Cookies

A few weeks ago, I made what I think is the most amazing cookie to ever come out of my oven. Courtesy of Seven Spoons, these Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies with Toasted Pecans and Dried Cherries tasted as good as they looked. Of course, I had to put my twist on the recipe substituting the cherries for cranberries, the sugar for Splenda, the all purpose flour for a mix of whole wheat and quinoa flour and the butter for my signature mix of apple sauce and oil. Mmmm, my mouth is drooling just thinking about them. I highly recommend to bake up a batch of your own.



Flower Power

If I was planning to host a brunch this long weekend - I would order these paper flowers from Paper Platypus in a heart beat. Aren't they beautiful? They come in a variety of shapes and colours to add the perfect touch to any table setting.



A is for Adorable

Today marked the first day in a very (very) long time that there was no one pregnant in my office. After many a baby shower and countless cupcakes, our sweetmamas have introduced eight sweet babies into the world.

Amelia was our first - so she holds a special place in our hearts and after looking at these pictures taken on her first birthday, I think you can understand why. She is just as beautiful and lovely as her mother who was kind enough to let me share them with you. Thanks Jude! The adorable photo shoot was taken by photographer Rebecca Wood. I highly suggest you take a look at her portfolio - she had a very stylish eye.




Try it: Tracy Anderson Method

I've been intrigued by Tracy Anderson ever since I first heard of her. Then when she started to pop up in multiple GOOP newsletters as Gwyneth's fitness guru, my interest peaked. Growing up a dancer, I completely understand the basis of her method (there is NO better workout!). Tonight, I stumbled on this 5 minute video and decided to give it a try. Holy cow! I am shocked by how much my arms are killing me (and I am pretty fit). I would have never thought that something that looked this easy, could be so effective. I will totally keep doing this routine and have a feeling I will be purchasing her DVDs for when I can't make it to the gym.

Little Tip: If you are going try this - don't just throw your arms around like a rag doll. Tighten up your core muscles and really work your arms (otherwise you are wasting your time).


Memory Loss

This might be the perfect cure for my terrible short term memory!



Want it: Ovopur Water Filter

These Ovopur Water Filter Sets are just about the most beautiful water filters I have ever seen. I want one! I need one! But with the $895 price tag - it's going to have to remain a want for a little while.



Happy Feet

My close friends know that I suffer from what I call "Foot Cluster-phobia". Sure, it's a totally made-up condition but I assure you, it's very real! I need to be barefoot whenever possible - my feet must breathe. Can you imagine what the dead of Canadian winter feels like for me? My poor feet stuffed into thick socks and insulated boots. You can also imagine how excited they get for sandal season. This summer they'll be breathing freely in TKEES flip flops. I just picked up the Licorice pair from the Glosses collection (black patent) and I have my eye on Beach Pearl from the Shadow collection and Smoke from the Liners collection. They are simple, chic and make my feet happy.


Wander World

If hanging a map on your wall feels too fifth grade to you - you haven't seen these yet! This series of World Map prints from Wanderlust were created to celebrate Earth Day and raise funds for Oxfam and Doctors without Borders.