A is for Adorable

Today marked the first day in a very (very) long time that there was no one pregnant in my office. After many a baby shower and countless cupcakes, our sweetmamas have introduced eight sweet babies into the world.

Amelia was our first - so she holds a special place in our hearts and after looking at these pictures taken on her first birthday, I think you can understand why. She is just as beautiful and lovely as her mother who was kind enough to let me share them with you. Thanks Jude! The adorable photo shoot was taken by photographer Rebecca Wood. I highly suggest you take a look at her portfolio - she had a very stylish eye.



  1. She is very cute and beautiful, I loved your post very much :D


  2. Sari, thank you for featuring my work, and the sweet Amelia, on your beautiful blog. xo Rebecca

  3. Oh my word–sweet! So so cute...