Gelato by the Bar

Ice cream is good but gelato is much better - at least that's my opinion. Naturally, I got really excited when I stumbled on the concept of gelato bars. It's like having an Italian gelateria in your freezer. Looks like you can pick up these delectable single serve bars at your local Whole Foods (let's hope they are available in Canada). I will have to swing by and find out.



Friday's Little Bits

I'm ready to sparkle and shine my way through the weekend!


Decked-Out Desktop

I am a little bit picky when it comes to my choice of desktop wallpaper. I want something pretty to look at but hate when my files and folders ruin the design. Enter Simple Desktops, a curated collection of simple (and free!) desktop wallpapers "to make your computer beautiful without distraction". Each wallpaper is simple, clean and adorable. I found it hard to even narrow down my list of favourites, but I managed to finally pick a few. Now the only question is, which one do a sport on my desktop? Suggestions?



It's the Bees Knees

Like a bee is to honey, I'm am all over this adorable packaging for Babees Organic Honey that I saw on Lovely Package. I just love how the bottle resembles an actual bee! It's so subtle and brilliant.


Bowl of Brooches

I love the idea of fruit-inspired brooches and when they're packed with a whole lot of bling, they'll add a touch of the unexpected to your most basic wardrobe staples. From strawberries to bananas, you're likely to find one that suits for fancy.


Friday's Little Bits

I am so looking forward to the long weekend now that the sun is finally out after 4 straight days of run. I wish I had a party to plan - these images are so inspiring!


Parisian Treats

I just realized that I haven't shared some of the pictures from our fall trip to Europe! Tonight I was going through our over 1000 photos and was reminded of some the delicious treats we encountered - some we tasted, others we drooled over in store front windows. These mouth- watering pastries lined the streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris.

Friday's Little Bits

Happy Friday everyone. The sun is finally shining in the city and air is getting warm. It's the perfect day to get outside and indulge in an ice cream cone (or two!).



Food For Font

Looks like this typography designer had a good excuse to play with his food! Check out Garret's Flickr to view the entire alphabet. I think "W is for Watermelon" is my favourite.



iVillage Passion Project

I am so proud to be a part of the launch of iVillage.ca! We're celebrating it's arrival in Canada with the iVillage Passion Project; an interactive program that invites women across the country to share their passion for the best things in life. Wondering what I am passionate about? (hint: she's really cute, flat-faced and furry). Still wondering? Press play and find out!

Click here to watch more videos from passionate women just like you!


Give Peach a Chance

Growing up, the biggest memory of my grandparents house was that everything was peach, and I mean everything. The sofa. The seat covers. The carpets. Even the toilet paper! For years, it was hard to look at a piece of furniture in the fruit-flavoured hue without envisioning my Bubie's monochromatic den. Then I laid my eyes on this beauty. Ain't she peachy keen? I think it's time I gave peach a chance. Photobucket


Painted and Polished

Whether you're painting the town red or any other hue, a lady should always be ready for where the night takes her with perfectly painted lips and polished nails to match.



Sunday Brunch: Mother's Day

Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day. So any opportunity to have breakfast food at another meal makes me very happy. Naturally that would mean that I believe brunch is the greatest invention of the 21st century. For a couple that enjoys brunch as much as we do - we don't have it often enough. So in honour of this glorious meal and the delicious recipes just waiting to be made and enjoyed, I have decided to dedicate my Sunday blog post to the topic. Since today is Mother's Day (the king of all brunch occasions) I thought I'd share these mouth-watering recipes from some of my favourite food bloggers that are sure to make your mama smile.

Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom (and all of the wonderful mothers out there!)

1. Creme Brulee French Toast via Smitten Kitchen, 2. Little Quinoa Patties via Seven Spoon, 3. Pear & Buckwheat Pancakes via Sprouted Kitchen


For Your Mama

Tomorrow we celebrate the most wonderful women on earth - our mamas! While I always know what to get for my mom on Mother's Day (nothing makes her happier than a day at the spa), some of you might be looking for some last minute inspiration. These six picks are sure to please any mom, regardless of her style and taste.

1. Two Dishes cookbook, 2. Kate Spade New York Raelin Tote, 3. Aldo bib necklace, 4. Michael Kors rose gold chronograph watch, 5. Live, Love, Eat tea linen towels, 6. Aromachology custom blend fragrance