A Reason To Celebrate

Do you always need a reason to celebrate? I think not! That's why I love the concept behind Banter Banner's line of revamped Happy Birthday banners. Designed from phrases near and dear to the Brooklyn-based designer's heart, the banners are meant to literally 'celebrate the everyday'. With everything going on in the world today, it's so easy to get sucked into a vortex of negativity. Don't you love how the power of words (and a little creativity) can bring us back to the simple pleasures of daily life - remember to celebrate them!

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Hello Snow

As we say goodbye to February, it seems Toronto is finally saying hello to snow. While I can't say that I have missed trekking around in the slush and getting frost bite within seconds of heading outdoors, I have missed the subtle beauty that snow can bring. Blanketed sheets of pristine white have this way of turning the bustling city into a muted winter world.



Hijirik Letterpress Print

I've always loved this print from Hijirik Studio for 3 simply reasons - it's letterpress, it contains the word 'love' and it's one of my favourite life mottos. I just noticed that they produced their popular print with a pink heart in a limited run (there are only 40 prints!). This version is even better than the original - Je t'aime.


Just love the way the candy red apple jumps off the minty green in her socks.

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Perfect Berry Stained Lips

My search for the perfect berry stained lip has been a long time running. I have tested, purchased and tossed what feels like dozens of runners up but never stumbled on "the one". After a Sunday brunch with the girls a few weeks ago, I browsed around Bath and Body Works to kill some time. This random visit brought my endless quest to a successful end. C.O. Bigelow's tinted Mentha Vitamin lip balm in Merlot gives me the perfect crushed berry pucker I've always wanted (and it lasts!). Colour me happy!


Lissy Laricchia

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Lacquered Office Accessories

I rather enjoy the subtle glam that a lacquered finish can bring (especially to a home office).


Life's Little Things (by Anna)

Anna from Much Love gets what it means to appreciate the small things. Read about what's bringing her much love - then check out her beautiful blog and browse her Etsy shop.

Anna's 10 Little Things

1. Laughing freely with my closet friends
2. Sitting on a spot that is high enough for my feet to dangle and not touch the ground
3. Having somebody really listen to me
4. That my new apartment gets a lot of sunlight in the morning
5. Finding that my favourite chocolate bar is on special in the supermarket
6. Restaurants with friendly service
7. Unexpected compliments
8. Sunrise
9. Sunset
10. Birthday cards



Isn't it amazing...

how no matter how sick you are - taking a hot shower can make you feel human again.



a classic

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Friday's Little Bits

It's hard to keep your head up when your immersed in a blurry daze.