Life's Little Things (by Jaime)

Last week I shared the little things that make my life sweet. Today, I am starting to share those of other bloggers.

First up, I'd like to welcome Jaime from Le Vie J'aime.
Jaime's 10 Little Things:

1. Hearing a song for the first time and knowing you are going to listen to it over and over
2. Feeling sand between your toes
3. A good, hearty laugh that hurts your stomach and make you cry (in a good way!)
4. A cuddly, cute puppy
5. The smell of fresh laundry
6. That giddy feeling
7. The smell of cookies baking
8. Traveling some place new
9. Getting a card in the mail
10. The perfect pairing of chocolate and peanut butter

Want to share yours? Feel free to send them my way!

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