Best Looking Movies

A tweet from a fellow blogger reminded me about my adoration for The Virgin Suicides. It has long been on my list of top ten favourite movies of all time.

It also sits at the top of another one of my lists: Best Looking Movies.

These four movies are forever engrained in my mind (and my heart) for their art direction, tone and style.

{The Virgin Suicides}

{Romeo & Juliet}

{500 Days of Summer}

{Marie Antoinette}


  1. oooohhh i loveeeeeeee those movies!! i could watch them over and over and over and then if i got bored of the dialogue i could just look at their beauty and listen to some music and be entranced :)

  2. lovely photos :)
    marie antoinette is totally unique!

  3. Loved 500 Days of Summer and Romeo & Juliet is a classic. I need to see Marie Antoinette. Fabulous styling and decor in all these movies!

  4. WOW. These are also my favorite movies for the exact same reasons. SO beautiful (thanks Sophia Coppola, Marc Webb and Baz Luhrmann).

    Another great is "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"; Starring Catherine Deneuve, an all french musical that is so beautiful to watch. A must see.

  5. Never heard of that movie. I am intrigued - must check it out. Thanks for the reco.

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