With our honeymoon just days away, it's time for me to have a panic attack get organized and start getting my stuff together. While packing correctly for a beach vacation will be crucial... properly packing my carry-on for 20 hours of flying will be essential for my travel survival (and my husband's sanity).

1. Mulberry Travel Adapter Case - This case would fit perfectly into any carry one to house all essential cords to keep me things powered for the long trip ahead.
2. Then Again, Diane Keaton's Biography - While I love my iPad for just about everything, I am little old school when it comes to reading books.
3. Are We There Yet Luggage Tag - So I am not the only one saying it...
4. Jimmy Choo Glitter Ipad Sleeve - Do I need a reason? It's covered in glitter!
5. C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm - I normally get off a plane with my lips looking like they just spend eternity in the Sahara desert. I'll keep this on me for constant reapplication.
6. Thierry Lasry Hooky-D Sunglasses - Cause let's be honest after 20 hour of flying and 3 changeovers - I will not be looking my freshest!
8. Uber Larabar - You couldn't pay me to eat plane food. I always pack Lara bars, trial mix and dry cereal for snack on.
9. Lavin Illustrated Playing Cards - When my iPad dies from too many hours of Scrabble - I'll have this pretty pack o' cards as back-up entertainment.


  1. This is such a great post! I love the luggage tag!

  2. Ahhh Thanks Sara - I know aren't they cute!