This Year, I Will...

I have never really been one to make New Years resolutions but I thought this resolution generator was really cute and actually gave me some things to think about.

Too often, I forget to do just that. I have a tendency to make myself anxious and crazy and all I really need to do is take a deep breath.

I love to dance and will do my best to get to more classes this year.

I have the worst habit of twirling my hair. It's really bad! I do it at work, in meetings, at dinner, in the car, watching TV - I no longer realize that I am even doing it half the time.
I. Must. Stop.

I give great advice. I should stop and listen to the words coming out of my mouth.

In every bad, there is good. It might take a little time to see it, but you will find it if you are patient.

In March, I will be 30 years old. It's time I start trusting my instincts. I must have been doing something right to get where I am now, right?

Because? Well, why not!

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  1. I like these- I need to incorporate these into my resolutions :)