Friday's (Fill in the Blank) Little Bits

Much Love posted these 3 fill in the blank questions and I felt compelled to answer them. So here goes.

1. One thing you loved in 2009?________
In February, my boyfriend and I traveled to South Africa to visit his family. The highlight of that trip (and my year) was playing with hundreds of African Penguins in Cape Town.

2. One thing you are loving this very moment?_______
Hot Yoga! I have always had a love/hate with relationship with yoga. But it is true
what they say- finding the right instructor makes all the difference. There is no more
hate, just lots of love. It is the only time that I can actually turn off my inner voice.
That's a miracle!

3. What thing you would love to do this year?_______
I would love to walk down the aisle and say "I do" to my prince charming!

I would love to hear how you would fill in the blanks. So go ahead, I am listening.

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  1. i adore your blog! It's inspirational and so damn pretty! I stole this fill in the blank and posted my responses on my blog too :)

    if you're curious, here it is: