Colourful Personality

What do the colours in your home say about you? The Colourscope from Paper-Source can tell you. I wanted to test it out for myself, so I picked the two shades that run throughout my condo. I have to say I was shocked by how accurate is was! The interesting part was that both descriptions mention my need for space and creating a refuge that's all my own.
Click here to view a larger version and read your colour personality.


  1. Interesting- thanks for sharing! My bedroom is yellow, silver, white, and black. I looked at the curry and black ones- they seem to fit well!

  2. that's fun! i did it for the colors of my blog: Chartreuse and Bluebell...i like what it says!
    happy weekend!

  3. This is so interesting - thanks for sharing!
    Cute blog - I am following now :)