Talent Envy: Kustaa Saksi

Do you ever look at something and think "what on earth was going on in that person's head when they made that?". That is exactly what I thought to myself when I saw the work of Kustaa Saksi. His illustrations are so surreal that my only conclusion would be that he was on some serious drugs or he is the most imaginative person alive (I would like to think its the latter). I could go on about his graphic style but his bio does a much better job than I ever could:

"A syrupy disarray of elements: playful, paradoxical, often-over glossy, inviting, troubling, messy and yet strangely clear. Radiating meaning, bending what's real and distilling what's unreal."


  1. Isn't it wonderful when beautiful design + great advertising come together ;)

  2. http://www.andyfoulds.co.uk/flash_design.html