One Print Two Print

I made a promise to a friend that just moved that I'd help her find some cool artwork. While I've never needed an excuse to search the internet for some great finds, knowing that my friend's walls are in desperate need of some life has me backtracking through my bookmarks. You know that feeling of finding a great sweater in your closet that you forgot you had?..thats how I felt when I found The Poster List in my archives. I completely forgot all about this fantastic collection of fun, light-hearted graphic prints. Besides being super cute, each print is super cheap! The best part of heading back to the site was discovering their current promotions - choose from; 1)Buy any two prints for $20 or 2) Add a frame to your print for $19.99. I took advantage of option 1 and bought "Vertical Bikes" and "Primary Cameras" for my living room. Sorry Sarah, I know I'm supposed to being looking for you, but I'm a sucker for a cute print (or two).

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