Happy Hanukkah!

Tomorrow night is my family Hanukkah party. I am super excited and can't wait to eat latkes and sufganiyot. I am even making a Hanukkah themed gingerbread house to bring along (blog post to come). My parents made a bigger deal of the holiday when we were little. They used to give my brothers and I a present a day for 8 days. It was the best! Nowadays, we get one gift that generally comes in the form of cash (so not complaining!). However, I can't deny that I sometimes miss our old tradition. Mom. Dad. If you are reading this - here is my wish list.

1. John Hardy 3 Bracelet Set - $198.00
2. Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph watch - $250.00
3. Anthropologie Whizbang mini skirt - $95.95
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Starlight Friends Pave Harem Ring - $58.00
5. Steve Madden Ridder Grey Leather Boots - $151.96
6. Clothbound Penguin Classic Books - $21.81


  1. Oooh, a watch is on my wish list too! I haven't worn one since Swatch Watches were all the rage, if you remember that grade school trend!
    Great choice with the Kors. Would it be wrong to get both a black and gold watch? Options for different outfits right?!

  2. Love the skirt and I am dying for the Penguin Classics too!

  3. It.styling - two is so not wrong. I already have a silver one with a mother of pearl face from MK. Love it. Still need the rose gold one.