Baby It's Cold Outside!

Toronto is a beautiful city to live in - except that our winters are bitter cold! I will say, I do love waking up to the first snowfall and seeing the world outside my window blanketed in sheets of prestine white. Everything seems so quiet and serene... then it sinks in that it's well below freezing outside and the minute I walk out my door I am going to wish I was back in bed. Since hibernating for 4 months isn't all that practical, preparing yourself with quality winter essentials is crucial to making it through a Canadian winter. Here are some of the pieces making it onto my winter survival list this season.

1. Ugg Adirondack Boots - $250.00
2. Love Quotes Scarf in Peace - $85.00
3. Leather and Fur Avaitor Hat - $54.95
4. Parajumper W-Long Bear Parka - $803.00
5. Burberry Leather Studded Gloves - $275.00
6. Ray Ban Outdoorsmen Aviators - $139.00
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