Hanukkah Gingerbread House!

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a cold, wet Sunday afternoon than making Hanukkah themed gingerbread houses with my friend Sarah. Trying to find blue and white candy this time of year made for an interesting task. I spent the good part of an hour sorting through a wide variety of candy to make sure I left with only the colours we needed. My effort was well worth it because our houses turned out fantastic!

Candy for decorations: blue M&Ms, blue and white shimmery sprinkles, snowflake confetti sprinkles, silver balls, blue jelly beans, two kinds of white gum drops, white gummy trees, chocolate covered blueberries and candy necklaces.

I thought the snow capped trees added a nice touch!

Yes, my gingerbread man is wearing a Kippah!

Here are our finished master pieces! Mine is the house on the left and Sarah's is on the right. Aren't they super cute? Thanks for a fun day Sar! New annual tradition? I think so.


  1. oh wow this is amazing
    i was thinking about making a gingerbread house
    but it wouldn't be a scratch on this!!

  2. How fun! Where did you get the gingerbread house kit? My mom and I used to to make them w/ my cousins- we used a Trader Joe's gingerbread house kit and they discontinued them! :(

  3. We got the kit from Loblaw's in Toronto. Unfortunately, I don't think that helps you does it! I would try googling it. I am sure local grocery stores would have them. No?