I Choose Joy

I don't make new year's resolutions, I don't believe in them. They are bunch of nonsense that set us up for disappointment of the worst kind - disappointment in ourselves. When we let ourselves down, negative thoughts and emotions fester and thrive. But for some silly reason, I had the urge to make resolutions this year. I tried really hard too. I sat here night after night trying to write down all of the things I wanted to resolve for the year ahead. I read them, rewrote them, read them again but each night I stared at the screen unwilling to press publish. Unwilling to fail myself. This left me thinking about what I was trying to achieve by making them in the first place? It took about a week to realize what motivated me to willingly torture myself. It's simple - I've been feeling uninspired. The idea of making resolutions was in some way an outlet to guide myself towards inspiration or as Oprah says my "a-ha moment". It didn't work. I just felt less inspired. Then I read a wonderful post by the uber sweet and talented Ashlee Gadd over at Where My Heart Resides and I feel in love with her joy pledge. It's not a resolution but a choice. The simple decision to choose joy, to welcome joy and to create joy in every way possible. Sure I may still have this lingering urge for inspiration that needs to be satisfied but for now if I just focus on that which brings me pure joy, Miss. Inspiration will find it's way to me and when she comes it's going to be rain storm!

Thanks Ash! Your never cease to amaze me.



  1. I cannot even tell you how perfect it is that you posted this tonight of all nights. My car was broken into earlier this evening (window smashed and all), and it has been a horrible, terrible, no-good very bad night. And then I came home to your sweet tweet and this sweet post, and it was EXACTLY what I needed to read.

    So, welcome to the joy pledge! I can't wait to see all of the joy 2011 has in store for you ;)

  2. Shame! I can't believe the night you had. I am glad I brought a little bit of joy to an otherwise sour day.

  3. I am always simply delighted whenever I visit your blog! I love it~!!

    As we all venture out to a new year, with new goals in mind, it's always lovely to be encouraged. Thank you for this post!

    I follow your blog religiously.
    Love it!! Congrats on your engagement too!!