Coming to Canada!

It's official! The day that every Canuck has been waiting for has finally arrived. Target announced it will be opening their first store in Toronto in 2013. Sure, it may be a two wait but at least our years of wishing and hoping (and crossing the border for shabby chic home decor at bargain prices) has finally paid off. With so much to offer, I will admit I find Target to be overwhelming so I tend to focus solely on their wonderfully diverse selection of home furnishings. I would happily take home any one of these pretty babies.



  1. Confession: I have an amazing Target down the street from my house, and I probably visit it no less than 7 times a month. Be warned...Target is addicting.

  2. Oh my gosh... start saving your money now. Target is so addictive not to mention it has incredible prices. Seriously!


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