Dinner for Pugs

We haven't yet invested in a fancy food and water bowl for Stella. Lately, I've been looking around and decided that when we do get them for her, it will be the ones that are raised off the ground (I feel like she is eating off the floor otherwise). The other day, I happened to be entertaining myself on LePug blog (I urge you to head over - Porky and Brownie are hilarious!) and I saw this feeding station from FunnyFur. It's possibly the cutest idea I have seen. Even better, it has the perfect blend of style and humour that Lunny and I really enjoy. All of the colour options are fabulous - I would be hard pressed to pick my fav - maybe we will let Stella decide.


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  1. That's absolutely darling! I have a little (well, not so little - he waddles a bit) Sheltie and for the past fourteen years his way of asking (demanding) for food has been to knock of his bowl over rather obnoxiously. I wonder what he'd do if his bowls were set up like that! Too cute.