Wedding by Numbers

1 amazing wedding dress, 1 killer tux, 1 vintage Rolls Royce, 20 minutes of rain, 1 minor fender bender, 2 big families, 8 bridesmaids, 1 jr. bridesmaid, 2 flowers girls, 1 matron of honour, 10 groomsman, 2 best men, 350 + guests, numerous bottles of boozes and 1 ridiculously happy set of newly weds.  Put them all together and what do you get?  One wickedly awesome party and the best day of my life.

(All photos by the ever-so-talented Mango Studios)


  1. You look SO fabulous, and it looks like such a (ridiculously) happy, happy day!

    Also, I think the High Line is the best place in NYC, so I'm glad you got to incorporate it into your day.


  2. Thank you!! Those pictures were actually taken at the BrickWorks in Toronto. But I love that there is something similar to it in NYC. Where is the High Line? I must go visit the next time I am there.

  3. The veil is to die for. Stunning wedding. I remember my sister's wedding with your pictures. Such a very special day. All the best for your future.

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