Ruf Road

I love dogs! The obsession dates back to a long history of wanting a dog and the powers-that-be denying me the slobbery pleasure of one. My mum never wanted us to get a dog. No matter how much we begged and pleaded (dad included), she never caved. I promised myself when I had a place of my own, I would finally get a dog. Then I bought a condo with a strict no dog policy (smart move, I know!). My boyfriend and I share the same adoration for dogs and the fact that we can't have one or really fit one in our home makes a want one even more. We daydream of having enough space for many dogs; a bulldog, a pug and a dachshund (all of which have already been named). Ahhhh, just the thought of their tiny wrinkled faces gives me a case of the giggles. When I'm having a rather crappy day, nothing cheers me up more than Googling pics of my four legged friends.

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